Sheikh-ul-Islam received the Turkish Ambassador

On May 18, Chairman of the Caucasus Muslims’ Board, His Virtue Sheikh-ul-Islam AllahshukurPashazadeh received the newly appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the TurkishRepublic to Azerbaijan Mr. CahitBagci.
Welcoming the Ambassador, Chairman of the Caucasus Muslims’ Board, A. Pashazadehstressed the high level of fraternal relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey, and their improvement in favor of thetwostates and peoples. He expressed his hope that the newly appointed Ambassador of Turkey will contribute to the further improvement of these relations and wished the Ambassador success in his work.
Expressing pride in His Excellency IlhamAliyev's successful development of Turkish-Azerbaijani relations in accordance with National Leader Heydar Aliyev's assessment of "One Nation-Two States", Sheikh-ul-Islam A. Pashazadeh noted that he received the Ambassador of Turkey not only as a diplomat but also as a brother.
Highly appreciating the moral support and fraternal solidarity of the brotherly Turkish state to Azerbaijan during the glorious Patriotic War, Chairman of the CMB, A. Pashazadeh stressed the importance and sustainable development of political, economic, cultural and religious ties between Azerbaijan and Turkey.
Expressing satisfaction with the level of religious and spiritual cooperation between the Caucasian Muslims’ Board and   the Directorate of Religious Affairs of Turkey, His Virtue Sheikh-ul-Islam A. Pashazadehpraised the fraternal relations and joint efforts with Mufti Dr. Ali Erbash.
AmbassadorBagci thanked The Chairman of CMB for the reception and expressed his deep satisfaction with his appointment as Ambassador to the brotherly state of Azerbaijan. He stressed that he attaches great importance to his personal meeting with Sheikh-ul-Islam AllahshukurPashazadeh, an influential religious leader whom he has recognized at prestigious international events. He expressed confidence that the Turkish state will continue to be together with brotherly Azerbaijan on all levels and platforms, as usual. Speaking about Turkey's intention to participate in the reconstruction work in Karabakh in coordination with the Azerbaijani state after the victory, the Ambassador stressed that it will include destroyed religious and spiritual monuments.
In connection with the Ambassador's concern about the issue of Jerusalem, Sheikh-ul-Islam A. Pashazadeh stressed that Jerusalem, mentioned in the Holy Quran, is sacred to the Islamic world and the attitude to the holy places is unchanged.
Sheikh-ul-Islam A. Pashazadeh wished the Ambassador success in his future endeavors, prayed for new successes for our peoples and states, and expressed his best wishes.

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