His Virtue Sheikh-ul-Islam received the French Ambassador to Azerbaijan

On March 18, Chairman of the Caucasus Muslims` Board Sheikh-ul-Islam Allahshukur Pashazadeh received Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France to the Republic of Azerbaijan Zacharie Gross.
Welcoming the ambassador, Sheikh-ul-Islam A. Pashazadeh proudly stressed the great role of state policy, the efforts and activities of the country's leader in ensuring and maintaining the high level of inter-religious and inter-religious relations in Azerbaijan. Sheikh-ul-Islam A. Pashazadeh expressed his satisfaction with the positive trends in relations between Azerbaijan and France after the victory in the 44-day Patriotic War. Tthe just struggle of Azerbaijan for the liberation of its lands within the framework of international law was deliberately presented by some circles to the world as a confrontation with Christians, he said. The Chairman expressed regret that this propaganda was mostly carried out by the Armenian Apostolic Church. Sheikh-ul-Islam unequivocally stressed that it is not appropriate for religious figures to carry out propaganda of war with a cross in one hand and a machine gun in the other. On the other hand, thanks to the efforts by the Russian Orthodox Church, the World Council of Churches, and the Georgian Orthodox Church, which have played the blessed role of mediators between us and the Armenian religious leaders since 1988, is was repeatedly stated that the conflict is not religious in nature. From this point of view, the fact that the Armenian Church spreads today lies about the persecution of Armenians because they are Christians, and propagandizes their expulsion from the occupied territories as if they were expelled from “their” territories, is fraud and deceives the world community. The Armenian Church, which is trying to veil its occupation and aggression against international law, terrorism and vandalism, claims that there is a threat to the Christian religious monuments in Azerbaijan in order to achieve the all-Christian solidarity and abuse the support and assistance of religious brothers. In fact, for almost 30 years Armenians destroyed thousands of graves and shrines, insulted Muslim mosques, Orthodox and ancient Albanian Christian churches in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. The Chairman informed the French ambassador that for the sake of peace in the region, the Armenian Church should promote the principles of mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence. He stressed that for lasting peace between the peoples, the Armenian Church must unequivocally renounce the calls for hatred.
The French ambassador thanked A. Pashazadeh for the reception and said he was honored to meet with Sheikh-ul-Islam, who has great authority and respect both in the region and around the world. The ambassador stressed that the existing sincere inter-religious relations and inter-religious mutual respect in Azerbaijan are of great interest and importance not only for the Caucasus region, but also for the European space, including France. Noting the importance of measures in this regard in the post-pandemic period in terms of promoting Azerbaijan's model of interreligious harmony, Mr. Gross stressed that the Embassy is ready to provide comprehensive organizational support to this work.
Sheikh-ul-Islam A. Pashazadeh briefed the Ambassador Gross on the initiatives and activities carried out by the Baku International Center for Interfaith and inter-Civilizational Cooperation (BCIC) and expressed his hope that the religious and spiritual relations with France will be improved in the near future.
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