Mr. President Ilham Aliyev

You are a widely known person, not only in Azerbaijan and all Caucasus, but across the international community, received with respect by influential religious and state figures of the modern world, enjoying a great respect and authority worldwide.
...I would like to stress your consistent activity in the name of independent Azerbaijani statehood, consolidating its grounds, as well as your contribution to the regulation of relations between the state and the religion to comply with our national interests, ensuring of civil unity in society and preservation of religious-spiritual stability. Your exclusive services in recognizing our country worldwide as a model of tolerance and perception of Azerbaijan as a spiritual center of Caucasus are remarkable and valuable. Your years-long successful activity, intense involvement into the complex social and political processes occurring worldwide, in the sphere of regulating relations between various confessions, your loyalty to religious, spiritual and universal ideals brought you fame and respect both within Azerbaijan and abroad. You represent Azerbaijan with dignity at many important international organizations, scientific and religious centers. As public and religious figure, you bring the reality of Azerbaijan, the reality of Karabakh problem to the world society. You proof the groundlessness of Armenian claims on Azerbaijani lands; carry out multilateral activity aimed peace and conciliation in the entire Caucasian region.
President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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