Great Leader, National Leader Heydar Aliyev

You have special merits on keeping and gaining beautiful traditions of the holy religion of Islam in our country and in all Caucasus region. This religious organization (Caucasus Muslims` Board) became one of the main centers playing a great role in the large-scale promotion of Islamic values; strengthening religious and moral unity of Muslims, rising their activity in the society during the years of your leadership...
Your position of the real patriot citizen in the struggle in the name of freedom of Azerbaijani nation has demonstrated your ability on objective valuing of difficult social-political processes happening in the country, as well as a proper use of the religious factor for the solution of current problems. You have done a great work to create religious endurance, partnership and friendship atmosphere among different religions in our country. This work helped to establish a social and political stability in Azerbaijan.
As a religious and a public person, you have significant influence on the international scale. Your work to aware the World society about the realities of Azerbaijan and gaining strength of security and peace in the Caucasus is appraisal.
The National leader of the people of Azerbaijan

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