Interview to the Croatian “Vecernji List”

On February 11, First Deputy Chairman of the Caucasus Muslims’ Board, Mufti Salman Musayev gave an interview to the Croatian “Vecernji List” newspaper.  After a historical brief about the Caucasus Muslims’ Board, he informed the reporter about the mutual respect between the representatives of different religions and nationalities in Azerbaijan, since ancient times until today. He stressed that there had never been any confrontation or conflict between Muslims, who make up the majority of the country's population, and members of other religions. He said, “Shiite and Sunni believers in Azerbaijan pray in same mosques, behind same imam.” Confidently, you will not see such a scene anywhere in the world. Since we have one God, one religion, one call to prayer time, one Qur'an in which we recite Surahs and Verses, and the same number of rakats, why can't we pray together? How can keeping our arms open or closed during a prayer (Salah) make an obstacle for this?”
In the end of his interview, the First Deputy Chairman spoke to the reporter who preparing to visit the liberated Karabakh, about the examples of tolerance in Azerbaijan. At the same time, he stressed that during 30-year occupation of Karabakh lands Armenians insulted mosques, and tried to armenianize Orthodox and historical Albanian-Udi churches there.
Photos reflecting the atmosphere of inter-religious tolerance and mutual respect in Azerbaijan were provided to the reporter.

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